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The scientific-analytical journal Upravlenets (The Manager) was founded in 2009 by Ural State University of Economics as an open access scientific peer-reviewed title devoted to the issues of management and marketing.

The remit of the journal corresponds to the scientific specialty 08.00.05 – Economics and management of the national economy (subject fields – Management and Marketing).

The mission of Upravlenets (The Manager) is to create an effective platform for academic interaction between authors and readers on management issues. In line with the specialization, the journal seeks for works devoted to theoretical, methodological and practical issues of management and marketing at micro- and macrolevels.

The principal objective of the periodical is to foster the development of economic science by presenting fundamental and practice-related academic achievements of Russian and foreign researchers.

The journal publishes papers in both Russian and English.

Upravlenets (The Manager) is selected for coverage in Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science Core Collection). The publications are indexed and abstracted in ESCI beginning with Vol. 9 (1) 2018.

The journal is included in the List of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and titles which publish the major research results of dissertations for a doctorate and a candidate degree and Russian Science Citation Index.

Current Issue: Upravlenets Vol. 9 №4 2018

Special Issue: "Business Strategies and Management Models: A Stakeholder Approach"


Aluchna M.
Corporate Social Responsibility vs. Business Strategy

Nekhoda Ye.V., Redchikova N.A., Tyuleneva N.A.
Business Models of Companies: From Profit to Sustainable Development and Value Creation

Bataeva B.S.
Stakeholder Engagement: The Case of the Russian Largest Oil and Gas Companies

Kovalyova Ye.V., Zhdanov D.A.
Comprehensive Monitoring of a Company’s Activities as a Tool of Preventive Management

Tkachenko I.N., Zlygostev A.A.
Assessing Stakeholders’ Contribution to Enterprise Value: The Case of the Russian Banking Sector

Samsonov R.A., Bocharov S.N.
Stakeholder Responsibility in the Formation of Global Value Chains

Dementieva A.G., Sokolova M.I.
Corporate Centre in the System of Global Business Strategic Management

Ankudinov A.B., Badykova I.R., Markhanova Ye.S.
Empirical Analysis of the Relation Between Expenditures on Employees’ Advanced Training and Financial Performance of Russian Companies

Plakhin A.Ye.
Mapping of Stakeholders of Industrial Parks in the Ural Region

Orekhova S.V., Bausova Yu.S.
Resource Dependence and Strategies of a Scholarly Journal’s Two-Sided Platform

Bashmakov D.V.
Authorizing Decisions in Projects of Network Interaction in Higher Education

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