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Current Issue: Upravlenets № 1 (41) 2013

The issue subject: Banking sector in conditions of uncertainty


Banking sector in conditions of uncertainty
Yekaterina G. Shatkovskaya
Motivation for Implementing Banking Products into Practice of Credit Organizations (in Terms of Criteria of Classification)
Yevgeny V. Strelnikov
Basel II and Basel III: Peculiarities of the Standards’ Application in Russian Banks
Yekaterina Yu. Vinogradova
Analysis of Decision-Making Support Systems in Enterprises and Methodology for Calculating Economic Efficiency of the Introduction
Anastasiya Ye. Bogdanova
Receivables Risk Management in Commercial Organization
Labour – Cadres – Education
Igor V. Ivliev
Principles of Book-Keeping for the Markets’ Isolated Development Model
Lyudmila F. Shaybakova, Denis N. Nesterov
Innovative Solutions in Pipe Metallurgical Industry (Experience of OAO “TMK”)
Tatyana S. Orlova, Natalya Yu. Yaroshevich
Trends in Development of Infrastructural Sectors: Experience of the Global Airport Industry
Fyodor Ya. Legotin, Aiman B. Akhmetova
Improvement of Financial-Economic Mechanisms to Introduce New Coal Processing Technologies
Svetlana F. Molodetskaya
Theory of Fuzzy Sets as a Tool for Strategic Planning of Resources
State – Regions – lifesecurity
Olga N. Zueva, Boris V. Kolesnikov
Evolution of Logistics Methodology in Customs Clearance of Goods
Nadezhda M. Surnina, Yelena A. Shishkina
Developing the Methodology for Regional Strategic Planning: Increasing Coherence and Effectiveness
Man’s institution
Aleksey I. Zverev, Maksim A. Kocheryan, Pyotr P. Ryskin
Sport as a Social Institution Forming Professionals: Specifics of the Sociological Approach
Labour – Cadres – Education
Inga A. Gulei
Managing Organizational Culture in the System of Higher School
Mikhail I. Lukinykh, Vladilen V. Fufarov
Improving Management at Bread Baking Enterprises
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