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Current Issue: Upravlenets № 2 (42) 2013

The issue subject: State in the system of life security


State in the system of life security
Polina E. Animitsa
Luxury Tax: Foreign Practice and Prospects in Russia
Danila A. Bulanov
Statistical-Economic Analysis of Household Income Level
Dianna V. Davtyan
Public Examination as a Form of Civil Control over Authorities
Lyudmila A. Donskova
Quality, Safety and Competitiveness of Meat and Meat Products in Terms of Russia’s Accession to the WTO : Non-Tariff Issues
Sergey A. Shakhnazaryan
The Problems of Building the System for Municipal Solid Waste Recycling
Economics – Management – Marketing
Olga B. Veretennikova, Evgeny E. Panov
Methodology to Evaluate the Impact of Grouping on the Level of Credit Risk
Viktor V. Solovarov
Mercosur Heading for the Agreement with the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan: Experience of Negotiating with the EU and China
Vladislav V. Morozov
Innovative Priorities for Modernization and Improvement of the Regional System and Mechanism for Investment Management
Applied Management
Fyodor Ya. Legotin, Sergey V. Voronin
Techniques to Find Balanced Solutions when Evaluating the Efficiency of a Company’s Capital Investments
Aleksandr A. Metsger
Corporate Culture in the Models of Corporate Governance
Labour – Cadres – Education
Mauro Gatti, Alyona E. Fyodorova
Sustainability and Ambivalence in HR Management Practice: How to Get Out?
Olga N. Baeva
Evaluating Return on Education at Regional Level
Galina R. Kornova, Ekaterina V. Loginova
The Interrelationship between Corporate Culture and Employee Labour Potential in a Services Sector Organization
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