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Current Issue: Upravlenets № 4 (44) 2013

The issue subject: The Role of Institutions in economy development


The Role of Institutions in economy development
Robert M. Nizhegorodtsev
The Quality of Managerial Decisions: Institutional Barriers and Filters
Aleksandr A. Maltsev
The Technical-Institutional Aspects of Evolution of Economic-Historical Process Interpretation
Alyona E. Fyodorova, Anton M. Parsyukevich
Social Pollution from Economic Activity of Business Entities: Developing Category Framework
Labour – Cadres – Education
Konstantin P. Stozhko, Dmitriy K. Stozhko, Olga V. Shadrina
Creative Labour in the Context of Innovative Economy
Фёдорова Т.Ю.,Tatyana Yu. Fyodorova, Aleksey Yu. Goloshumov, Andrey M. Balak
Activating the Hermeneutics Potential of Information and Communication Resources in the Training of Future Lawyers
State – Regions – lifesecurity
Evelina V. Peshina, Aleksandr V. Ryzhenkov
The Evolution of Theoretical and Methodical Approaches to the Cognition of “Ideal City”
Yelena V. Vasilieva
The Rationale for Prioritized Directions in Optimising Social-Demographic Development of Subjects of the Ural Federal District
Lyudmila G. Kochegarova
Formation of the Statistical Model to Assess Foreign Investment Attractiveness of the RF Subjects
Natalya L. Nikulina, Anastasiya I. Sinenko
Diagnosing the Financial Security of a Region
Beata Lipková
The European Central Bank in Resolving the Euro Area Debt Crisis (Part II)
Economics – Management – Marketing
Lyudmila A. Donskova
Responsibility to Consumers – the Priority of the Socially Responsible Business
Aleksey Ye. Parshukov
Organisational Culture of National Industrial Enterprises as a Factor in the Formation of Controlling
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