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Current Issue: Upravlenets № 3 (43) 2013

The issue subject: Crisis. Bankruptcy. Development


Crisis. Bankruptcy. Development
Beata Lipková
The European Central Bank in Resolving the Euro Area Debt Crisis
Yevgeny V. Strelnikov
Development Prospects for the Russian Loan Market in the Light of the Second Wave of the Crisis
Aleksandr I. Tarasov
Russia and Its Constituent Territories in Terms of Membership in the World Trade Organization
Labour – Cadres – Education
Galina A. Bannykh, Svetlana N. Kostina
Improving the Monitoring System of Educational Services Quality
Galina F. Trubina
Foreign Language in Terms of Training of Future Specialists in Modern Russia
Economics – Management – Marketing
Natalya V. Dmitrieva, Yulia M. Perevozkina, Sergey B. Perevozkin, Maria S. Oskolkova
Categorial Axes of Advertising Perception
Vera A. Maltseva
On Realization of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture
Yekaterina G. Shatkovskaya
Promotion Complex of a Banking Product: Characteristics and Efficiency Assessment
Maria S. Menshikova
Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policies on Consumer Decisions
Andrey V. Perfiliev
Managing the Brand Value as a Part of the System of Brand Management at the Enterprise
State – Regions – lifesecurity
Ruslan A. Abramov
The Peculiarities of the Public and Municipal Administration of Economic Systems
Svetlana G. Pyankova
Single-Industry Territories: Strategic Approaches to Selection and Formation of Development Institutes
Yelena M. Kochkina, Ksenia A. Zueva
Typology of the Sector “Households” in the Context on Regional Development
Gulnar S. Aytkhozhina
Conceptual Bases of Forming the Planning System of Tax Inspections
Natalya Yu. Sopilko, Natalya A. Navrotskaya
Russia and Ukraine in the Context of Development of Innovation and Investment Cooperation
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