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Current Issue: Upravlenets № 5 (45) 2013

The issue subject: Industrial policy in regions


Industrial policy in regions
Evelina V. Peshina
Smart City Growth: Greenfield, Brownfield, Greyfield
Yekaterina S. Ogorodnikova, Mikhail M. Sidorenko
Transformation of Conceptual Approaches to the Development of Infrastructure Sectors in Regional Economy
Yelena A. Lyashenko
The Methodological Approaches to the Concept “Technology Park Structures”
Economics – Management – Marketing
Andrey V. Lapitskiy
Organization Crisis: Conceptual Framework
Anastasiya V. Matveeva
Management of the Airlines Economic Integration in Globalized Economy
Yelena A. Yakimova, Viktor V. Grevtsev
Fast-Growing Companies: the Prospects and the Impact of Public Sector
Labour – Cadres – Education
Tatyana A. Kamarova
Applying the Outplacement Program to Release Staff in Organizations
Viktor V. Ufimtsev, Yevgeny M. Mezentsev
Efficient System of Motivation as a Critical Condition for Building a Professional Team
State – Regions – lifesecurityЕ
Lyudmila G. Protasova, Boisdzhoni Tokhiriyon
Market Analysis and Classification of Public Catering Enterprises
Mariam A. Voskanyan
Institutional Environment as a Factor in the Development of Financial Intermediation System in Transition Economies
Applied management
Aleksandr Ye. Miller, Maya B. Abaeva
Integration-Relational Approach to the Development of Cluster Relations of Coal Producers
Yunir R. Lutfullin, Dinara M. Karamova
Optimization of Production Diversification
Man’s institution
Boris S. Pavlov
Deviant Subculture of Ural Teenagers and Public Safety in the Region
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