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Cross-National and Ethnic-Confessional Relationships within a Region as a Civilizational Problem

Authors: Yevgeny G. Animitsa, Dr. Sc. (Geography), Prof., Head of Regional and Municipal Economy and Governance Dept., Urals State University of Economics

Yakov P. Silin, Dr. Sc. (Ec.), Vice­Chairman of Government of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Government of Sverdlovsk Oblast

Abstract: Through the prism of civilization paradigm the modern ethno­national and cross­confessional relationships in the space of a region are studied. The special features of various models for resolving national problems typical of the global practice are identified. The authors consider the dynamics of changes in the size and structure of the largest ethnical groups in Sverdlovsk oblast and reveal the methods to preserve and promote cross­national peace. Particular attention is paid to analysing the place and role of different religions in creating confessional space of a region; operational and preventing measures that maintain cross­confessional harmony and cement relationships between different religious groups and communities are explained.

Keywords: Ethnic groups, diaspora, culture, civilization, multiculturalism, tolerance, religion, confessional space, Sverdlovsk oblast