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Customs Tariff and Non­Tariff Regulation of Russia’s Foreign Trade in terms of the EurAsEC Customs Union and the WTO

Author: Viktor V. Kilin, Associate­Prof. of Marketing and International Management Dept., Urals State University of Economics

Abstract: In the article the specifics of customs tariff and non­tariff regulation of the foreign trade activity in Russia in terms of Customs Union and the World Trade Organization are considered. The main changes in dynamics of foreign and mutual trade, as well as revenues from customs charges, are analysed. The author provides classifications of customs tariff and non­tariff regulation methods and duties using foreign experience. The article suggests the core measures and ways to improve customs tariff and non­tariff regulations and their integrated application; the increasing role of non­tariff restrictions is reasoned.

Keywords: Foreign trade activity, World Trade Organization (WTO), import, integration, global economy, customs charges, EurAsEC Customs Union, customs tariff and non-tariff methods, export