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The Interaction of the EurAsEC Customs Union Economies and the Potential for Their Integration through the Intellectual Property Market

Authors: Mikhail V. Fyodorov, Dr. Sc. (Ec.), Dr. Sc. (Mining), Prof., Rector, Urals State University of Economics

Viktor Ye. Kovalyov, Cand. Sc. (Ec.), Associate-Prof., Head of Foreign Economic Activities Dept., Urals State University of Economics

Abstract: The creation of EurAsEC Customs Union transferred the topical issues of intellectual property protection to a new level. It is due to free movement of goods between the economic subjects that are situated in the territory of the Customs Union member states. Any free movement of goods should always observe rights of trademarks’ holders. Building a coherent system of legal regulation in the field of intellectual property protection depends on economic and legal understanding of the terms “principle of rights exhaustion” and “parallel import” enshrined in law. The article considers the current concepts of exclusive rights exhaustion and develops the ways to apply them within the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space of EurAsEc.

Keywords: EurAsEC Customs Union, common economic space of EurAsEC, intellectual property, parallel imports, principle of rights exhaustion, exclusive right to trademark, counterfeiting