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Some Issues of Organizing External Crowdsoursing Projects to Thrash Out Topical Problems for Business

Authors: Ruslan A. Dolzhenko, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), Associate Prof. of Economics, Labour Sociology and Personnel Management Dept., Altai State University

Konstantin K. Ilyushnikov, Postgraduate of Entrepreneurship Economics and Marketing Dept., Altai State University

Abstract: The article is devoted to the possibilities of effective organization of external crowdsourcing projects to solve business problems. Crowdsourcing is a relatively new phenomenon in the practice of domestic companies. At the same time, its potential is huge, but the toolkit to organize crowdsourcing activities has not yet been developed. The article makes an attempt to consolidate the experience of crowdsourcing related to external crowdsourcing projects. The principal feature of this type of crowdsourcing is that it is held with the participation of members of the organization, customers, partners and the Internet community.

Keywords: Croudsourcing, crowdsourcing project, external crowdsourcing, organizing crowdsourcing projects, crowdsourcing venues