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Topical Problems of Living Standards of the Republic of Armenia

Author: Artsruni Ye. Torosyan, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Accosiate Prof. of Economic Theory Dept., Armenian State University of Economics

Abstract: The article assesses the living standards of population of the Republic of Armenia based on the analysis of incomes and household consumption expenditure. To that end, the author has analysed the changes in the structure of total household incomes of both urban and rural population in Armenia, examined the structure of consumer spending according to decile groups, households, Gini coefficient and studied the dynamics of the ratio between income and expenditure for both decile and quintile groups of the richest and the poorest segments of the population.  As a result, the necessity of government participation in resolving this problem is justified.

Keywords: Incomes, household, transfers, labour remuneration, living standards, structure, consumer expenses, Gini coefficient, ratio between “polar” groups of population, level of population’s poverty