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Implementation of Transnationalization Strategy of an International Company in Russia's Market of Road­Construction Machinery

Author: Larisa M. Kapustina, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Prof., Head of Marketing and International Management Dept., Ural State University of Economics

Yevgenia I. Korovina, Postgraduate of Marketing and International Management Dept., Director, NAF AG (Branch in Russia)

Abstract: In the article the strategies of entering a foreign market are analyzed. The authors propose the algorithm of transnationalization strategy formation that was tested in a German transnational corporation which operates in Russia's market of road­construction machinery. The article provides the methodological toolkit to estimate the results of transnational strategy implementation. The experience of European transnational companies in the development of international business can be used by Russian producers of road­construction equipment in order to strengthen their positions in the domestic market and enter overseas markets.

Keywords: Transnational corporations, transnationalization strategies, effects of transnationalization