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Binarity of Legal Consciousness of the Individual in Conditions of Institutional Transformations

Author: Dmitry K. Stozhko, Cand. Sc. (Philosophy), Associate­Prof. of General and Economic History Dept., Urals State University of Economics

Svetlana S. Fomenko, Deputy Director of Training and Production Centre, OAO Gazprom-Transgaz

Abstract: The problem of institutional transformations and their impact on legal consciousness of the individual is considered. The thesis on the continuing conflict between tradition and the rule of law in practice of public lawmaking is justified. The authors reach the conclusion about dual (binary) nature of today’s legal consciousness and transition state of the system of relations between individual and government. The main problems of improving the sense of justice of the individual in the transition to the system of social partnership are structured.

Keywords: Legal consciousness, law, right, code of conduct, binary oppositions, social partnership, social state, legal state, governance, self-governance