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Call for papers for the journal’s special issue

The journal invites papers for the special issue no. 4 / 2018

“Business Strategies and Management Models: A Stakeholder Approach”.

The deadline for paper submission – June 1, 2018

Current Issue: Upravlenets № 6 (70) 2017

Issue subject: Labour Market Management: A Regional Aspect


Yekaterina A. Panova, Yelena A. Vasilieva, Natalya N. Oparina
Tools for Forming a Talent Pool of the Public Civil Service in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Irina N. Yakupova, Dmitry N. Shults
МMethods for Reducing Information Asymmetry in the Regional Labour Market


Yulia G. Lavrikova, Yelena L. Andreeva, Anatoly G. Tarasov
The Role of the Foreign Economic Component in the Russian Oil Industry Development

Marina S. Balandina, Irina V. Baskakova
Regulation of the Television Advertising Market: A Toolkit and Its Application Effects

Fyodor Ya. Legotin
Depreciation as a Source of Industrial Enterprises’ Investment Activity: An Uncommon View


Yelena B. Dvoryadkina, Yekaterina I. Kaibicheva, Alisa Yu. Titovets
Classification of Municipality’s Reactions: A System-Activity Approach to Studying

Yelena N. Zaborova
Urban Environment as a Factor in Human Capital Development

Aleksey A. Ilyukhin, Svetlana I. Ponomaryova, Svetlana V. Ilyukhina
Macroeconomic Analysis of Sverdlovsk Oblast Budget Forecast in the Context of Economic Growth in Russia


Olga N. Zueva, Aleksandr M. Sidorenko, Aleksandr D. Galaktionov
Multi-Agent Simulation for Freight Transportation with Swap Bodies

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