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The journal's policy

The contemporary management science is developing in conditions of increasing crisis in the global and national economies. Unstable market conditions, competition from multinational companies and within integration initiatives, low availability of additional financial resources, accompanied by poor infrastructure typical of Russia, lead to cost increase, reduce the economic stability of organizations and resource efficiency. Under the influence of external conditions, public authorities interested in the development of their regions or domains seek patterns and mechanisms for efficient administration and unlocking growth reserves of public production. The answer to this and many other questions of the real sector can be given within the frames of scientific discussion on management problems.


The scientific-analytical journal Upravlenets deals with problems of management in the context of general business based on the analytical materials including social research. The main purpose of the journal is to contribute to the development of management science through putting the findings of scientific studies into practice and publishing scientific works of the leading experts and practitioners who are engaged in administration of individual economic entities of the national economy.


The Upravlenets journal pursues the following strategic objectives:

–        To expand the geographical spread of authors and enhance the quality of publications

–        To improve the scientific peer-review system by means of engaging a wide range of scientists in accordance with publications themes

–        To create the optimal conditions for communication and interaction between authors in order to encourage scientific discussions and joint research

To provide an effective tool in the form of periodic scientific-analytical title designed to advance scientific knowledge