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The Interfirm Cooperation Culture of Network-Based Organizations


Yevgeny V. POPOV Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Dr. Sc. (Physics and Math), Corresponding Member of the RAS, Head of the Centre for Economic Theory

Viktoriya L. SIMONOVA Cand. Sc. (Econ.), Sr. Researcher of the Centre for Economic Theory


In today’s environment, network-based structures are becoming real production units, and competitiveness is determined by the ability of economic agents to integrate and coordinate joint actions aimed at reducing uncertainty, guaranteeing the effective exchange of resources and information as the basis for the introduction of technological, product and organizational improvements. The development of interfirm relationships, an increase in the number and diversity of forms of network-centric organizations lead to the necessity of identifying and evaluating factors that affect this process. The paradigm for analyzing the essence of interfirm relationships which prevails in the economic literature is the theory of transaction costs that focuses on the analysis of transactional characteristics and disregards many aspects of interaction within intercompany cooperation. On the other hand, in the economic literature there is a growing interest in the interrelationship between economy and culture as an informal institution that mediates economic interaction. The paper proposes to go beyond the scope of the traditional theoretical-economic analysis of interfirm interaction by integrating a cultural parameter into it. From the perspective of the theory of transaction costs, the authors discuss the fundamental features of hybrid organizations as a form of intercompany cooperation and establish the role of the interfirm relationship culture in the system of hybrid organizations administration. The article also substantiates the structural characteristics of the intercompany cooperation culture that are verified in the course of the further empirical study on the basis of cross-cultural analysis.



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For citation: Popov Ye.V., Simonova V.L. The Interfirm Cooperation Culture of Network-Based Organizations. Upravlenets – The Manager, 2017, no. 4(68), pp. 75–84.