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Forming Dynamic Business Models by E-Commerce Companies


Arkady V. TRACHUK Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Professor, Head of Management Dept., Academic Director of the Faculty of Management, Director General of JSC Gosznak

Nataliya V. LINDER Cand. Sc. (Econ.), Professor, Deputy Head of Management Dept., Head of the Research Laboratory “Strategy and Innovations in Business”

Natalya V. UBEYKO Master of the Management Consulting Program


Based on the theory of dynamic capabilities and the business model concept, the authors justify the topicality and the necessity of forming dynamic business models by e-commence companies. The paper provides the findings of the empirical study held between May 2016 and April 2017 with the use of an inductive case study method. In the course the analysis of dynamic business models of e-commerce companies, the authors collect the data that allow making a range of assumptions and conclusions with respect to special features of formation of their dynamic capabilities. We argue that an intense competition in the e-commerce market and a rapid development of technologies and communication channels result in toughening consumer requirements for the quality of online retailers services. The article systematizes a pool of dynamic capabilities that should be introduced into the business model of e-commerce companies: entrepreneurial orientation, continuous search for sources of customer loyalty, organizational learning, optimization and automation of processes and mobile applications, and innovation activity.



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For citation: Trachuk A.V., Linder N.V., Ubeyko N.V. Forming Dynamic Business Models by E-Commerce Companies. Upravlenets – The Manager, 2017, no. 4(68), pp. 61–74.