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Current Issue: Upravlenets № 1 (47) 2014

The issue subject: Russian economy and the WTO




Boris A. Voronin
Russia and the WTO: the Problems of Legal Regulation of Agro-Industrial Complex Development

Vera A. Maltseva
The Peculiarities of State Support of Russian Agriculture in the Context of the WTO

Lyudmila F. Shaybakova, Denis N. Nesterov
Russian Pipe Industry: One Year in the Wto


Aleksandr I. Tatarkin, Aleksandr A. Nekrasov
Тheoretical and Methodological Approachesto Assess Strategies of Million Cities: the Role of Local Community

Vladimir Ye. Leontiev, Svetlana G. Privalova,Tatyana D. Sikolenko, Viktoriya V. Vysotskaya
On the Essence and Classification of Bank Risks

Irina Ye. Vlasova, Irina A. Vlasova
Calculating Paper Profit of a Group of Companiesas an Element of the Method of Financial Statement Consolidation


Ruslan A. Dolzhenko, Konstantin K. Ilyushnikov
Opportunities to Improve Personnel Labour organization by Optimizing Labour Processes in a Bank

Svetlana G. Zemlyanukhina, Inna D. Pavlova
Increasing morality Level of Public and Business Structures as a Condition for Creation of High-Performance Jobs

Georgy Ye. Germaidze, Tatyana A. Obshivalkina
On the Measures for Improving the System of Secondary Vocational Education in Russia

Svetlana Yu. Khlopina
Secondary Vocational Education in Sverdlovsk Oblast: Trends and Development Problems


Danila A. Bulanov
Place of Households in the service sector: Formation and Development Patterns

Mikhail V. Fyodorov, Natalya V. Tikhonova, Sergey L. Tikhonov, Yelena I. Pershina
Measuring the Quality of Complex Food Supplements to Sausage Products


Natalya Yu. Sopilko, Sergey A. Patrikeev
Technology Platform as a Prospect of Russian–Ukrainian Industrial Cooperation in the Sphere of Innovation

Dmitry K. Stozhko, Svetlana S. Fomenko
Binarity of Legal Consciousness of the Individual in Conditions of Institutional Transformations

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