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Current Issue: Upravlenets № 4 (50) 2014

The issue subject: National Innovation Systems in the EurAsEC Customs Union


National Innovation Systems in the EurAsEC Customs Union

Mikhail V. Fyodorov, Viktor Ye. Kovalyov
The Interaction of the EurAsEC Customs Union Economies and the Potential for Their Integration through the Intellectual Property Market

Evelina V. Peshina, Pavel A. Avdeev
Modern Approaches to the Definition and Functions of the National Innovation System

Viktor V. Kilin
Customs Tariff and Non-Tariff Regulation of Russia’s Foreign Trade in Terms of the EurAsEC Customs Union and the WTO

Man’s Institution

Anna M. Tikhomirova, Galina A. Bannykh
Higher Education in the Czech Republic through the Eyes of USUE Lecturers

Anatoliy V. Kozhin, Boris I. Bortnik, Natalya Yu. Stozhko
Synergetic Approach to Evaluation of Educational Process Effectiveness

Andrey V. Chernov
Paternalism and the Principle of Social Justice as Attributes of Social State

Economics – Management – Marketing

Olga V. Ruzakova, Vusala A. Sofueva
Reengineering of Business Processes: Optimization of a Bank’s Operational Office Performance

Tatyana L. Sysoeva, Darya V. Semyonova
Brand Promotion Based on the Design Management Concept

Alla N. Mukhamedshina
The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Economic-Organisational Mechanism of Interaction between Business Structures, the State and Society

Applied management

Roman V. Fedorenko
Customs Service Logistization as a Factor in Improving the Efficiency of Foreign Economic Activity Participants

Yelena V. Angadaeva
On Developing the System of an Enterprise’s Logistic Costs Accounting

Andrey Ye. Plakhin
Clustering Principles in the Development of Industrial Parks in the Russian Federation

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