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Forming a New Approach to the Methodology of Corrective Management Actions

Author: Fyodor P. Zotov, Cand. Sc. (Eng.), Associate Prof. of Quality Management Dept., Ural State Forest Engineering University

Abstract: The subject of the study is corrective actions, which are traditionally considered as actions on analysing and eliminating the cause of the identified non­compliance with requirements. Corrective actions in the system of corporate management are one of the key aspects of continuous improvement. The purpose of the article is to empower the development and implementation of such actions on the part of managers. In the research the technologies presented in ISO 9000 were studied in historical perspective. On the basis of their comparative analysis the opportunities to adopt a new approach to formation of corrective actions are considered. In the article the author makes an attempt to reorganize the methodology of corrective actions by embedding them into the process of solving management problems. Within the new approach, they are regarded as  corrective management actions for bringing social or economic benefits to the organization’s activity.

Keywords: Management system, standardized management technique, methodological approach, corrective management actions, solving problems in management