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Measuring the Quality of Complex Food Supplements to Sausage Products

Authors: Mikhail V. Fyodorov, Dr. Sc. (Ec.), Dr. Sc. (Mining), Prof., Rector, Urals State University of Economics

Natalya V. Tikhonova, Dr. Sc., Associate­Prof., Prof. of Commodity Science Dept., Urals State University of Economics

Sergey L. Tikhonov, Dr. Sc., Associate­Prof., Head of Food Engineering Dept., Urals State University of Economics

Yelena I. Pershina, Cand. Sc., Associate­Prof. of Commodity Science and Quality Management Dept., Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology

Abstract: Modern technologies for meat products manufacturing involve the use of food supplements which can adjust characteristics of raw meat and ensure the required quality of the finished product. The article presents data on studying organoleptic, physicochemical parameters and security of spice formula in “Salami Combi”.

Keywords: Complex food supplements, quality, sausage products