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Current Issue: Upravlenets № 2 (54) 2015

The issue subject: Instrument for stimulating economic growth


Instrument for stimulating economic growth

Yelena A. Yermakova, Nikita A. Larionov
Tax Credits in the System of Innovative Activity Stimulation

Nadezhda S. Necheukhina, Aleksey Yu. Popov, Ioanna Kochar
Comparative Analysis of Taxation of Small Businesses in Russia and Poland

Valery Zh. Dubrovsky, Viktoriya O. Ivanova
The Policy of State Procurements in the National Innovation System

Banks – Finances – Acc ounting

Lyudmila F. Shaybakova, Irina S. Topal
Improving Statistical Recording and Reporting on the Results of Innovative Activity in Industry

Tatyana G. Arbatskayabr />Impact of Methodological Aspects of Accounting Policy on Faithful Representation of Accounting (Financial) Statements

Oksana V. Somova
Comparative Analysis of Stock Exchange and the OT C Currency Market

Maksim S. Markov
Interbank Business: Objectives and Principles of Implementation, Main Tools and Pricing

Stanislav V. Makovsky
Certain Aspects of Accounting of Scrap and Waste Containing Precious Metals

Economics – Management – Marketing

Yevgeny V. Popov, Yevgeniya V. Yersh
Opportunism at Manufacturing Enterprises

Fyodor P. Zotov
Management Subsystem as the Fifth Perspective of the Balanced Scorecard Concept

Aleksey Ye. Parshukov
The Methodology to Select a Promotion Method for Products of Small Businesses

Vladimir A. Antropov, Yevgeny M. Mezentsev
The Origin and Evolution of Network Structures

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